The Bonnington Centre is a community resource for residents in the Vauxhall area of London.

11 Vauxhall Grove, London SW8 1TD.


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Rooms for hire

Top Room




Top Room


The Top Room is available for any community activities such as classes, exhibitions and music (it has a piano).


Cost per hour

Public/Charity - £6.00, Private - £10.00, Regular Private - £8.00.

Middle Room


The Middle Room is about half the size of the Top Room, good for group meetings. It also has a piano.


Cost per hour

Public/Charity - £3.00, Private - £5.00, Regular Private - £4.00.






Small Room


The smallest room for hire, suitable for one to one therapy sessions. It has a massage table.


Cost per hour

Public/Charity - £3.00, Private - £5.00, Regular Private - £4.00.



If you want to hire a room or have a question please email us at

Included in the

cost of hire is the

use of a kitchenette

 for making


We hire rooms at the Bonnington Centre to groups and individuals. We base our charges on the concept of public,  private and charity bookings.


Public - open to members of the public and advertised on the Bonnington Centre website.

Charity - please give details of the charity including the charity number when you book.

Private - private and not open to the public, we give discounts for regular private bookings.


The Booking Officers reserve the right to define:

a) the status of any booking

b) when a Private booking becomes a Regular Private booking.

We prioritise public and charity bookings in line with our  charitable aims as a community centre.

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